Szary - Grey Walkyrie

2056 the matter energy crysis began, civil wars started all around the world lead by many independantist groups.
Governments decided to send first military response with the fiercer air force unit owning the most advanced jets in the world :
The VALKYR-1 , made principaly of women trained to fight in air and on land by any circumstances, able to perform aerial deployment in less than a minute, the "warriors of the sky" admired and feared by everyone ....

After the death of their leader, a new rookie with impressive test results was nominated to take her estate, and lead the group to the battle. Named after her grey ashen hair, Szary became the new pilot of the legendary orbital jet : Sigrùn - T03

after the rain - novelists fr

thanks to all of my friends and surrounding who helped me with her by giving advices ! this one was done without using max or maya as i used to !