In the mega cities of the West, was a well known name among the small groups of hacktivists and black/white hats working secretly or in the security of mega corporations.

Kikyo was extraordinary gifted to break in high-security servers, absorbing incredible amount of data in no time and escape without traces.

you DON'T call Kikyo for a job. No matter what you want from her, chances is, she's already working hard to get it before you.

Aileron - Mirage (Niky Nine Remix)

thanks to the people of Donpolygon, Warren Marshall's discord and Dinusty Empire as well as my surroundings and colleagues for their helpful feedbacks, and of course the people of marmoset toolbag 4 and Joe Wilson for this amazing tool !

done using my female basemesh, Eyekit and HairCardBrush that you can buy in my store !