Ezialt, a wandering Exorcist

Many years later, he came back, pale, tired, his eyes once so lifeful were now blank. he talked about some creatures of the dark, and guardians of light and how both side wanted us either enslaved or dead, he wasn't the same ...

He stayed in his old home for some time, he never went outside. we began to hear noises and see strange lights at night, villagers were troubled, some of them even wanted him out of the town, but before they could do anything, he left.
he looked back at me one last time, saying he was going to take action "before they did" and we never saw him again, folks on the main lands were talking about some man with a lantern hunting bad spirits and strange creatures at night. .

Thanks to the folks of Donpolygon's discord as well as my coworkers and mates for the critiques and helps. to achieve this render DEEPLY inspired by Arcane i've used the LBS shader 2.1 by Lightning Boy Studio.